Networking on autopilot.

Doing Business the ATEC Way

Indulge in a truly unparalleled experience with ATEC, setting the stage for an extraordinary journey. Everything you desire is seamlessly integrated into our offerings: unlimited access to delectable cuisine, refreshing drinks, captivating entertainment, and the most enticing aspect - complete access to the crème de la crème of vendors and buyers in the alternative industry.

Enroll in our prestigious retreats, exclusively tailored to connect you directly with the key players in your field. Immerse yourself in one-on-one interactions, forging valuable connections at a luxurious 5-star resort where every detail is meticulously designed to cater to your needs and preferences.

From the moment you disembark, we take the reins of networking. No hassles, just an enriching experience waiting for you.

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May 28th - June 1st


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Delta 8
Alt Cannabinoids
Disposable Vapes
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Exotic Snacks
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Express Check In

Experience the privilege of being important, where waiting in line is a thing of the past. Upon arrival at any of our five-star resorts, a dedicated check-in awaits exclusively for you. At ATEC, we prioritize your experience right from the start.


Top-tier nightlife after a productive day of networking, we all deserve to unwind. Each of our resorts boasts a variety of nightlife venues right on the property, eliminating the need for taxis or rideshares. Let loose and party in style, surrounded by fellow industry leaders.


Five-star restaurants. Indulgence is the hallmark of ATEC, and this extends to dining as well. Our elite resorts feature multiple opulent restaurants within their premises, ensuring a regal dining experience, no matter your culinary cravings.


Our dedicated concierges are here to take care of the small details, so you can focus on what truly matters to you. Let us know your needs and preferences, and we’ll go above and beyond to make it happen seamlessly.

Relaxation and Amenities

Stunning beaches and elite pools on-site. Escape the hustle of urban life and immerse yourself in an exotic tropical paradise like no other. Our picturesque beaches, swaying palm trees, and elite pools will leave you feeling rejuvenated. Experience business paradise at its finest – a tranquil haven that will make your friends back home green with envy.